acer aspire won't run with vx550 corsair power supply

Hi Guys,
I'am hoping you can help me out with major problem I'am having with my computer
I recently bought a corsair vx550 power supply it has a 8 pin cpu connector and my motherboard only supports 4 pin connector so I split the 8 pin connector into 4 pin connector but now my computer boots and shuts off after booting to windows the specs of the computer are
fx 8120 cpu
8gb ddr3 ram
2tb harddrive
never installed graphics card just the one that is integrated
the motherboard is the original one that the am3450-ef10p came with.
Before changing the power supply the computer worked good I was wondering if the split in the cpu power cable has anything to do with the problem is there some sort of adapter that i can purchase to make this psu work or can I simply splice the wires of the two connectors together and connect one of the connectors with 8 wires.When i connect my old power supply it works great.
sorry guys I don't know much about computers and I do not overclock so i have no idea why this is not working.

any information would help right I have read several forums and nothing has helped me with this problem

Thank you
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  1. Should work.

  2. thank you but I currently have the 4 pin connector connected but my system boots to windows but keeps shutting off the psu had 8 pin 4+4 split and and motherboard only had 4pin so i split the 8 pin to 4 pin already and connected it
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