Samsung 840 EV0 in RAID 0 big performance increase?


I have a Samsung 840 EVO 500 gb. Would I get a performance increase if I added a second one in RAID 0? They're on sale this memorial day. I have a Z97 and I read Intel supports TRIM for SSDs in a RAID now. I read different forums where some people say it's worth it and other people say it's not. I already have 2 x 3 GB WDs in RAID 0. Thanks.

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  1. No you should never put SSD'S in RAID it will lower performance.
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    Dunlop0078 said:
    No you should never put SSD'S in RAID it will lower performance.

    i wouldn't say it would lower performance... but there are LOTS of reasons why you don't want to put it into a RAID 0 setup.

    mostly having to do with the fact your cpu won't be fast enough for you to get faster speeds... throw in the instability inherent in a raid0 setup and it's just not very attractive.. there is a point where you have to start to ask "how fast is fast enough" and this is a situation where i'd say, it is fast enough without a RAID 0 setup.

    Get a 2nd one and just use it as another super fast drive. or heck, build yourself a RAID 1 setup with it if you don't need the storage.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I guess Ill be passing on the SSD Raid setup.
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