Are those components compatible with each other? Is this power supply strong enough?
So I was wondering if those components were compatible. I know it says they are on pcpartpicker but I want to be sure because I once saw somebody had to make holes in the motherboard or something so that it would fit. Also I doubt my power supply is good enough for my build. Should I upgrade it to 650W? My budget is 900€ and I will be importing from Germany.
And I don't need an Operating System, monitor or mouse or something. Also I'm not planning to overclock anything.
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  1. 550w for that is fine. It's only 250w

    Just wondering if you can find a cheaper one since that seems pretty high. Any antec/seasonic/XFX will do.

    Pcpartpicker says you might have to remove a drive bay to get your GPU in.
  2. Sorry, but what is a drive bay?
  3. The drive bay is where you would put your HDD/SSD. Cases like yours come with 3-4 of them, so they usually are able to be taken out if needed.
  4. Alright and is it hard to remove a drive bay from your case because I want to build it my own and I'm not very expierenced but I watch how to's and none of those have ever had to remove a drive bay. But probably there are how to videos for this
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    I'm sure it's as simple as taking out a few screws :)

    Google your case and "remove drive bays" to see if you can find something

    Looks like they can be taken out easily.
  6. It says removable HDD cage to allow more room for extended video cards. I'm assuming this would be fine. Thanks for the answers
  7. No problem. Enjoy your new computer! :D
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