NAS Enclosure which has a USB3.0 vs a NAS Enclosure which has a USB2.0

Hey guys, im new to tomshardware so please bear with me lol

my question is regarding NAS Enclosures which have USB3.0 port(s) vs NAS Enclosures which have USB2.0 ports. Which one is better for additional external storage and are there any noticeable benefits for using 3.0 over 2.0?

im planning on getting a 2 bay nas probably the Zyxel NSA325 v2. if i have 2x4tb WD red's in them running in raid 1 and end up in the future requiring additional space; would having a usb3.0 external hdd connected to the usb3.0 port on the enclosure have benefits over using a standard usb2.0 hdd connected into a normal usb2.0 port on the enclosure?

also another question, is using raid 1 actually more beneficial than using a raid 0 setup?

Hope you guys can help with this :)

thanks so much
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    When using RAID 1 the drives are mirrored. If one fails, the data is still available on the other drive.

    When using RAID 0 the drives are combined into one big drive. If any one fails, you loose all data.
  2. USB 3.0 is faster so should give you more potentional for that external drive. But be careful, try to find if it will allow to both read and write on that external HDD. I saw NAS which allowed only read from USB plugged external disk and no write operations.

    I would personally won't go with raid 0. If you can rather have it as 2 separate disks and manage it itself it's safer.
    For extra security you can use raid 1, but you will loose half of capacity of your disks as one disk is mirrored on another.
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