Windows 7 wont install on a new Pc

I just built a computer and finished it today, I was quite excited as you can presume. So i plugged in my bootable flashdrive and started to Install windows 7. I don't want windows 8. Upon reaching the completing installation phase it stopped working and started restarting and getting into a vicious cycle of me being pissed off and looking to Google for answers:

Here is what I did:
1) I messed with the bios changing booting sequence,
2) reinstalling
3) reformating then reinstalling
4) try installing it in safe mode
5) hitting f10 and getting the /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN error
6) attempted fixes for said error
7) running windows repair
8) attempting a windows recovery from an external harddrive system restore point form my laptop
9) more reinstalling
10) RAGE
11) system repair
12) changing the format of the harddrive in BIOS
13) changing the format back to what is was before in the BIOS
14) more BIOS searching and praying
15) I am now asking you guys for help

Here is my PC, i dont have the disks, I am using a USB
What I have at my disposal:
1) Laptop
2) USB
3) External Harddrive
4) Windows XP disk and serial code? - not sure if i actually can install that but thought i would mention it

Thank you for your responses and here are the exact parts in my PC although i forgot to include an Asus Monitor and an optical drive
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    When it gets to 'completing installation', it's meant to restart. It then boots off the HDD (don't remove the USB and don't hit any key when it asks you to) to finish stuff off.
  2. When it boots back up again i get an error stating that windows could not complete the installation and will restart and attempt to do it again and will continously do this, the usb is in the entire time.
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