his iceQ x2 270x vs his iceQ x2 7950 boost


im going to buy a new graphics card tomorrow
because my 560ti died recently
i was thinking of the 270x and the 7950?
which is the better? (1080p gaming)
i found a his 270x for about $167(7300 philippine peso)
and a his 7950 boost for just $160(7000 philippine peso)
both are second hand cards the 270x still has 1 year 6 months warranty while the 7950 has 6 months left..
what do you think would be a better buy?
games : battlefield 4, crysis 3, watchdogs, skyrim.
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  1. the r9 270x is a much better buy. You'll get much more performance from it. The extra 7 bucks will get you far in performance.
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    The R9 270x is based on the Pitcairn architecture which is what 7850 and the 7870 were based on. The 7950 should perform slightly better than the 270x.
    I own the 7950, and i can't complain at all. It's a sweeet card! :)
  3. 7950 of course. it's simply stronger. 270x is a rebranded 7870. even with 6 months warranty, unless you are particularly unlucky, 7950 would be a considerable better choice with good OC capabilities.
  4. HD7950 is better than R9 270x but difficult to find these days.
    Get HD7950 if you can find it.
  5. i still cant decide. the cards warranty confuses me :l
  6. I'd get the 7950 :)
    But the choice is yours of course.
  7. Hmmm.the warranty...well that is indeed strange.
    If the GPU is new, the warranty should be normal at least 1or 2 year/s.
    The 6 months warranty gives me the impression that the HD7950 is a second handed item with original 1 year warranty.
    The 1 year and 6 months warranty is also strange, I have never seen such warranty time. This looks also like a second handed item with original 2 years warranty.
    Usually I see only either 1 full year or 2 full years.
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