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good day! i owe an asus k73sv equipped with a gt 540M. the problem is, last night, i noticed that my nvidia control panel refuse to open, so i chose to reinstall drivers. but the drivers say that the graphics driver could not found compatible hardware. i tried to enter in device manager, but there i have only my integrated card, no such nvidia..i dunno what to do, i tried almost everthing, bios updates, the drivers from asus site, latest nvidia drives, nothing seems to work.
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    check in the bios on your laptop look at the power settings and see if the nvidia gpu is turned on. make sure the chipset drivers for the laptop not damaged if they are some devices wont work. take power off the laptop and remove the battery. on newer laptops with two gpu cards the nvidia card may have fallen out of the mb video slot. on the bottom of the laptop should be a door to get to the video card. open the door and reseat the card. if the card not working it may have failed.
  2. from bios, there is no such setting as turning on/off the device manager, i did not get any notification of a device not working or working improperly..i guess i have to open the laptop, in order to see if the gpu pins are in place.
  3. i solved the problem. i checked the device manager again, and seemed one of the processor's threads was disabled, and that, somehow affected recognizing my integrated gpu. sorry for my bad english though :D
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