where can i find bluetooth driver for windows 8? really need your answer asap. Thanks

need an answers
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  2. To 1st question. Go to site of manufacturer of your laptop/motherboard/bluetooth dongle and look for drivers for windows 8. Also windows 8 should be able to install some default but they may very well not run at all.

    To 2nd question. You can google many PAID sites which offer you to watch or download movies.
    Other ways are I think officially not supported on this forum, but google will have all answers for you.
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    First off, run windows update.

    Swipe your finger(if you have a touch screen) from the right of the screen to the left, select settings and then in the lower right corner hit, change pc settings, from there, go to update and recover. Before you hit check, hit choose how updates get installed, and check both options. Hit the back arrow, and hit check now. Windows, should find the driver for you.

    If windows didn't find the driver, right click on the windows key, and go into device manager. Click on the bluetooth option and then right click on it to bring up properties, click on properties and go to the driver tab, and then click on update driver and let it search the web.

    You can also try slimdrivers. This will detect all the latest drivers for your machine.

    Hope this helps
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