Error booting an old HP compact desktop

So I tried to revive half a decade old HP desktop. It had xp and a lot of viruses and stuff in it. So I foolishly tried DBAN to format the hard drive. I didnt know it would take a week to finish and again I foolishly pulled the USB DBAN was running from and restarted the PC. And now I get this error:
Non-system disk or disk error Replace and strike any key when ready
From what I have learned online, maybe my hard disk is corrupted. Is it permanently gone or can I bring it around? If I cant use it, shouldnt I be able to live boot linux? I tried to run Puppy Linux from my USB but the same problem pops up. From the bios setting, I tried boot sequence but its still te same. There is no cd in the drive. Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Depends on how far the formatting came before you plugged it. If you just got a little bit and no essential system files was damaged, you can try to re-create the boot table.

    I use hirens boot cd to do these kind of stuff.
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