Blank screen after installing amd graphics drivers

specs are as follows
CPU AMD 6300fx
mobo gigabyte GA 970A DS3P
GPU: Radeon R7 260x
psu : 500W VIP
when i install the drivers, and reboot, the screen goes blank just after the windows symbol appears, I have tried a different motherboard , screen and have replaced the Graphics card . But still i have tye same problem. PLEASE HELP!
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  1. make sure your monitor or tv set right and can display a standard video output from a pc. if the gpu set a size larger then the monitor can handle yu get a black screen. on your pc bot into safe mode remove the gpu drivers and then make sure the newest amd chipset drivers are installed. also use msconfig turn off everything in start up to rule out a damaged anti virus or program. if you move the hard drive from one build to a new one you need to wipe it and reload windows...there old drivers causing your issues.
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