Best headphones that don't cancel noise and preferably not in-ear?

I've tried apple earpods and I'm quite happy with those but they don't produce a good enough sound quality compared to other headphones I've used but I have to use them as they don't cancel noise out. Are there any good alternatives to apple earpods that don't cancel noise. In-ear isn't really a choice as they have passive noise cancellation. I've tried finding headphones like apple earpods but I couldn't find any. Thanks in advance for taking your time to read and reply to this. If you have tried looking for the kind of headphones I want then but couldn't find any just reply to the post so I know that there aren't any out there.
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  1. I don't know what you are really looking for, but have you tried

    Got these for my kids, and they can hear everything I say to them, without yelling even.
  2. what I'm looking for are headphones that produce very good sound without blocking noise around me. The headphones you've chosen don't cancel noise which is what I want but I need something that can produce a better sound quality. There are very few, if any, headphones that meet my requirement. Headphones like the Apple Earbuds (and the one you have chosen) allow me to hear things around me but the sound quality isn't great. In-ear headphones produce very good sound quality as the speakers are very close to your ear buy they act as ear plugs when worn which cancels noise which is what I don't want. I don't think there are any headphones which doesn't cancel noise as well as produce good sound quality. Thanks for your help though, really appreciate it.
  3. Hey!
    I work in the music industry.
    So I would recommend Sennheiser HD800 I own and costs 1000 USD...
    Otherwize, for open back headphones, there is a wide range from AKG, Sennheiser, Grado which are optimized for home use and do not cancel noise from outside. The disadvantage being the people around you also get a fair degree of spill from your headphones. They are also usually more builky and heavy, but most of them very comfortable to use.
    I recommand cheaper headphones as well:
    Koss porta pro (is unbelievably cheap for its audio quality and easy to transport)
    AKG K142HD
    AKG K702

    AKG has a tendency to have less bass, Sennheiser rather a bit too much subbass... Opinions...
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    what you are looking for are likely "earbuds" (and NOT "canal buds" or "in-ear canal buds" or "in-ear monitors)
    for a photo of the differences see below.

    how about the sony MDR-ED21LP for $99
    its known as a pretty good pair of buds. (though not sure if the price is hiked up or not since they are discontinued). they do go in your ear a little but arent the rubber dome noise isolating style.

    here are some others to sort through
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