Prime95 - "Blend" not heating up cpu much

Relevant info:
MSI Z87-G41
8GB Gskill Area RAM 1600Mhz
coolermaster hyper 212 evo

So I'm currently overclocking for the first time and I set my voltage to Override and set it to 1.13V and a freq. of 4100Mhz. I ran a Small FFT's test for 30 mins with no errors and temps of 64C or less. I want to try the blend test now because as I understand; Small FFT's fit on your cache so no ram is used, Large FFT's uses your ram since they can't fit on the cache and blend uses a combination of small and large. I bumped up the freq. to 4200Mhz and left the voltage as is. I also switched to the blend test. Now when I run it, All cores are maxed out but the temp only get to around 55C. Why is it running cooler than before? Is the fact that my RAM is being tested bottlenecking my cpu from working as hard? Should I go back to small FFT's?

I'm also wondering if it's possible for RAM to heat up to unsafe levels or if it is a component that doesn't really heat up much. Basically is it possible to "fry" RAM?

Once I get to an overclock that I'm happy with, I will run the test for several hours.
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  1. I usually get my max temps on p95 on blend after the first set of tests it does.
  2. ^ Ya, during the 448K test it ran cooler, then switched to an 8k test and then achieved max temps. What is the difference between 448k and 8k (difference between small and large FFT's)? What do those numbers mean and why is one "hotter" than the other?
  3. Different data sets
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