H97 or Z97 few questions

I need to upgrade my PC, I will use it mostly for photoshop, visual, form time to time play games, watch movies etc...

I choose I5-4590, and Kingstone RAM 2x8GB XMP 1866Mhz

Im thinking about two mobos from AsRock:
1) H97 Performance
2) Z97 Pro 4

I'm not planning to overclock CPU etc.

q1: Will I be able to use RAM working on full speed (1866Mhz) on H97 chipset mobo?

q2: 1st mobo have 8 phase power /2nd only 6 phase will this affect system ?

q3: Im also planning to buy M.2 SSD. Is this i-face is supported already? Are there any differences
in M.2 between this two mobos and how much space must I have on SSD to make win 7 pro 64 work nice.

If You have any expirience with any of this MB please share it. Maby they help me make a decission. Thanx for Your time.
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    To answer al three questions,you'll have to take the Z97 pro4 to overclock the ram to 1866 also has the connector for that ssd you want and the power phase design will be fine since your're not going to overclock,and even then would it probably be good enough.
    The H97 motherboard doesn't support that speed ram,nor does it have the connector for that ssd.
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