To Much HEAT

My Power Color 290X is running at 111-116 Degrees Fahrenheit.This is not a good thing but im having not problems.I can play all of my games and they run smooth just wondering if I should be concerned.
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    Those are very good, acceptable temps - nothing to worry about!
  2. Those temps are perfectly fine. Pretty good, in fact.
  3. why talk in Fahrenheit when your readout is Celsius?
    read a gpu review and check temps. and always tell us what kind of cooler the gpu got, the brand is not information....
  4. OK, I was just worried.Did not want to have my 500$ GPU fry on me due to my own incompetence.
  5. Perfectly fine, as others have said. The cards have been manufactured to be able to operate at/withstand temperatures of 95degrees celsius (203 Fahrenheit) throughout their lifetime.
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