computer was powered off. lightning hit close by now wont turn on

Last night my computer was powered off prior to a lightning storm. Now there is no response when pushing the power button.

I tested the psu with the paperclip test and the fan did spin. Is it possible the motherboard fried while powered off.. and how can i test if it did?
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  1. Was it plugged into a surge protector? If so, is the circuit breaker on the protector popped?
  2. It was plugged into a powerstrip surge protector. Other items on the strip work and i had tried a seperate outlet as well. I get no response from anything when hitting the power button
  3. I forgot to mention.. the house circuit that the computer was plugged into was popped during the lightning storm.
  4. Is there an on/off switch on the power supply. Switch it off for a few moments then back on and see if comp boots. If still no boot, check the PSU voltages.

    If voltages OK, unplug everything from the computer MB including the power supply. Then remove the MB battery for 10 to 15 mins. Then install battery and reassemble PSU, etc to the MB and see if comp boots.
  5. Ive had it unplugged now for awhile. The powersupply spins with the paperclip test. I dont have a volt meter unfortunately at the moment
  6. Can try the other things I mentioned and see if you can get the comp to boot.
  7. I cant even get a spin of a fan doing anything. Even tried to short the power switch pins. Nothing at all. Can short the psu to get fan spinning. It looks like the mobo is dead
  8. If the power supplys fan works means it works it converts AC to DC for the fan man i am sorry to tell you the probably your motherboard is gone however if you have a friend who have a compatible system you can try every single component or many as possible.
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