HD 7750 with 250 PSU

I was wondering if my 250W psu would handle the HD 7750 or the R7 240. My psu is ATX-250PA (1PF).
Edit: Here are my pc specs IF needed.
Intel Core i5-2300 CPU 2,80GHZ
64 bit OS
PCI-E version is 2.0.
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  1. 350W would be better. You will be pushing your power supply with a 250W and a R7 240.
  2. I see. If I may ask, are there any other decent gpus that could be run with my current psu?
  3. I would recommend you to upgrade your power supply before getting a decent gpu to use.
    With a 350W, you could go up to a GTX 750Ti.
  4. I will now refer to other thread created on current forums. . A user states that a 7750 low profile needs no more than 50W @ load. I'm currently in a question mark, because every thread has different answer. :P
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    I take back what i said earlier, either R7 240 or HD 7750 should work. I looked at the wrong numbers.
  6. If a card doesn't have an external PCI-E power connector, the max it can pull is 75 watts. YMMV
  7. Worse case scenario, you can underclock the card in CCC and do that until you can solve the PSU issue.

  8. Might want to check that.
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