Windows re-install, need to wipe 2nd hdd?

I'm reinstalling windows 8 64bit pro and want to know if I need to wipe the 2nd hdd with the reinstall as well (the on without the OS)
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  1. You don;t have to but if you had any programs on the 2nd hard drive, you cannot use it as its registry will be different. For files, document and videos, it is fine.
    You don't have to wipe it clean but make sure when reinstalling your OS, only leave the hard drive that you are installing to plugged in.
  2. It has all my game/photos/videos/etc on it, the first drive is an SSD for the OS only.
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    If it is steam games, it should be fine. If it is any other games, you might need a reinstallation if it used to rely on files that was once on the old C drive.
    Photos and videos can be left on it but make sure you have off-site back up if they are really important.
    This guide can also help you setup your SSD before, during and after installation windows on your SSD:
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