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I used to have a budget computer, with an AMD x4 760k, And a 7870. However i recently urchased a r9 290 as it was a good price. I know for a fact that my cpu is a huge bottleneck, but after being told by a friend that upgrading to a 4670k, or a 4770k, that i would only get about a 10-25% increase in performance. Is he Wrong? and do you tink it's worh me upgrading to a new motherboard (possibly z97) and new CPU?

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  1. Yes it will be worth but an i5 4670k is a better buy if you only plan to do gaming and casual uses.
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    You dont need the i5 i mean go for it if you have the money but a fx 8350 or fx 6300 is your best bang for the buck with 990x chipset motherboard. And hes probably right but 25% is a rather large noticeable increase in performance that the i5 or the cheaper AMD fx processors will give you. Plus it is just a shame to have a 290 running on that processor. and an i7 is totally unnecessary for gaming.
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    No problem.
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