Is it better to have more rpm or more cache in hard drives?

I'm going to watercool a system and for the perfect configuration I need to take out all the 3.5 inch drive cage. I can only install 2-3 2.5 inch storage and already installed an ssd for one slot.
And while looking at the options for 2.5 inch hard drive it came at two main variation, 7200 rpm and 32mb cache or 5400 rpm and 64mb cache. I'm going to use this in gaming, which one should I choose?
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    5400rpm drives are very noticeably slower than 7200rpm drives. Having a large 64MG cache helps with the W/R speeds too.

    I would pick a 7200rpm drive for gaming. 32 or 64MB cache, preferably a 64MB.
  2. If you are going to be running things off the drive then get the 7200rpm one.

    If it's just for storage of movies/music or something similar then it really doesn't matter.
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