AM2 AM2+ Processors and the Dell E521

Could anyone explain to me and others why the Dell Dimension E521, with its am2/am2+ cpu socket can not support a phenom x3 or x4 or other newer prossesors unlike the the X2 64 6000+ and the 6400+, widley thought of as the maximum cpu,s you can get for the E521. thanks in advance.:??:
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    It is a function of the chipset used on the motherboard and what CPUs the BIOS is compatible with. Those systems are simply not compatible with the more modern CPUs.

    Also, since that model of Dell uses a proprietary BTX format motherboard, you can't just change the motherboard to a standard ATX model *like those used in nearly all systems).

    To upgrade, you really need a new system. Sorry for "not so good" news.
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