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so basically my graphics card seem to be over heating when i play some games and either crashes the game or throws loads of weird squares on my screen i use a program called speed fan to see the temp and fan speed it always says that it has 0rpm for gpu but the fans are running when i look at them and it overheats at like 50C which i dont think is right.

Ive checked the card and all seems fine nothing blocking the fans and everything is connected can someone please help i have no idea how to fix it

My Specs

Cpu: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4 GHZ
Ram: 16gb
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64bit
Gpu: GeForce GTX 660 Ti
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  1. 50°C is nothing for a GPU... How long do you play before it crashes? Could it be that your processor overheats/is unstable?
  2. depends on the game i can play the new wolfenstein game for about 20 minutes before it crashes my cpu never really gets above 40C it has water cooling
  3. Try reinstalling your gpu drivers.
  4. just done that still overheating and crashing games
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    Again, 50°C is anything but overheating. You OC anything? My previous GPU was a passive design and would reach more than 85°C while gaming...
  6. nope haven't done anything to it other than updating drivers
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