Will a pcie 3.0 gpu fit in a pcie 2.0 slot

Hi, im thinking of doing a pc build with an amd fx cpu (socket am3+) and i have searched ebuyer (what i will buy from) for an am3+ mobo. however, the boards that i found only had pcie 2.0, even the higher end ones! i was wondering if a gpu with pcie 3.0 would fit in a pcie 2.0 slot. if it does then will it run at full speed??
Also, what does backwards compatible mean??
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    Yes it will fit. It is backwards compatible. It means that a pcie 3.0 slot will work with previous version such as 2.0 or 1.1.
    Pcie3.0 and 2.0 hasn't been much difference right now. You don't lose anything.
  2. Thanks :D
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