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Thanks for looking at my question. I'm building my first computer and need to pick a monitor. my computer has an AMD FX 8350 cpu and Radeon R9 280 gpu. I'm looking at 24 inch 1080p monitors that look great and are good for gaming and web browsing. I play mostly MMOs, MOBAs, and RPGs. I can't spend over $300, and I've already got some picked out that seem good, if you could help me choose between these or if you have another suggestion please let me know, thanks.

Samsung S24D590PL ($199.99)

BenQ RL2460HT ($229.99)

Asus VG248QE ($250)

Dell U2414H ($269.99)

AOC I2367FH ($150)
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    I would go for the dell due to the ports, Looks the best, and the picture quality, according to reviews is also the best. It is also unfortunately the most expensive, but should be worth it, as its not something you're gonna upgrade every year.
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