What happens with a Formatted HDD added to a Raid setup


I have a problem with my Qnap server.
When I got it, I put raid onto HDD1 and the server has since asked for a HDD2 so that it can mirror data between the two.

Now I come to the conclusion that I will not use RAID. So I can maximes storage!

My question is:

When HDD1 is setup to run RAID mirroring, and I put a fomatted HDD in slot 2
What happens to the data on HDD2?

Does it come with a warning before data is deleted?

Does it delete the data on HDD2 no warning?

Or am I able to run RAID on HDD1 without running RAID on HDD2?

PS. Qnap server only has room for 2 HDD
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  1. Both drives are formatted in the process of creating the raid and all data will be lost.
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    If it's already setup as RAID 1 then disk one will be mirrored to disk 2. Any existing data on disk 2 will be lost.
  3. So no warning, if the new HDD added into slot2, is formatted and has data on it.

    The RAID will take controll of the HDD and mirror HDD 1 onto it??
  4. You didn't list the model of your QNAP or the version of firmware/software running on it, but RAID is generally designed to start the rebuild on the insertaion of a replaced drive, or in your case, a missing drive. A warning is usually only given during the creation of the RAID container.
  5. My system setup is:
    Qnap TS-269L Version 4.0.7

    So there is only the hard way, to dobbel my storage.

    Format HDD1 so it dos not have RAID, added to the setup
  6. Most NAS's always run one form of RAID or another, so unless you are running a RAID 0 or JBOD (neither is a true raid), there is no way to get the full capacity of each drive. ...and yes, you would have to destroy the data in order to change raid types, otherwsie backup your data, create the new raid, and restore the data.

    Update: Your manual says it supposts single disk volume so you can get two single disks, but you may lose the data if you try to destroy the current raid. Disk management starts on page 92 of the manual.
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