USB boot option not showing in "Boot device priority"

Hello guyz , How are you all ? friends I am having a problem . I have intel e5200 dual-core cpu 2.5Ghz with 2GB of RAM , windows 7 . I want to install windows from USB/Pendrive but unexpectedly there is no option "usb boot" "Removable disk" boot , showing only two option Hard disk boot and DVD drive boot . But when I plug a empty card rider ( without memory ) I can see there is a option available in boot device priority "boot from Removable media" but this is not showing when i plug in a bootable pendrive or memory card . I have tried rufus , wintoflash , etc to make bootable pendrive but still there is no option to boot from usb . Please help me . see pictures thanks !
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  1. where are you experts why dont you solve my problem ? :(
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    I've had USB devices that don't show up in the priority before. It's going to be a bit different because I have a fairly different BIOS, but I had to go into a separate more advanced menu and select it to force it to boot from there. I can't give exact advice since I'm not familiar with your BIOS, but see if you can find another menu that lists all the devices attached to your computer and if it falls under a boot device menu (but not the boot priority menu).

    I can't give a much clearer explanation than that because it's a lot easier to explain with ASUS' UEFI, but I did manage to find my USB this way with an older dell computer BIOS
  3. My solution was that my BIOS recognizes usb as a HDD. In BIOS boot menu you had to choose (in something like "your hdds" tab) the priority of HDDs(not boot priority, but priority of HDDs) and change the USB to first one. THEN make sure that in boot priority the HDD is prior to anything else. cheers.
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