Samsung 1TB 840 EVO "Mandatory" Over-provisioning?

This Samsung whitepaper:

Makes multiple references to "mandatory" over-provisioning on the 1TB 840 EVO, for example:

"Samsung’s 3-bit/cell MLC-based SSD 840 Series, equipped with mandatory OP, will still far outlast the useful life of the hardware it powers."

They go into no explanation about what "mandatory" means. I am not sure if the drive has inaccessible space allocated behind the scenes for OP, or if they mean that the user must allocate a mandatory minimum amount of space.

In Magician, OP is currently disabled, and I have no unallocated space. Effective drive size is 920GB (out of 1TB; ~9% presumably used by spare block pool). For the 1TB drive (which, from what I've read, has different characteristics than the smaller drives, and so answers pertaining to 256/512GB drives may not apply here), do I need to manually set aside OP space, or is the "mandatory" overprovisioning Samsung talks about already allocated?
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    Yes, the mandatory OP Samsung talks about is the 9% spare block pool.
    So you don't need to manually set aside additional OP space unless you want to.
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