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So I gave my mother my old PC that was working perfectly fine. I wiped the data, set everything up for her, and she was able to do everything she wanted to. Then a few weeks ago, she was trying to burn some music to a CD (something she was able to do just fine at first) and suddenly it wasn't burning. Then we realized that the computer wasn't reading any CDs or DVDs at all either.

I've tried the microsoft fix it thing and that didn't solve the problem. I've also tried a couple other programs and editing reg files and that hasn't helped.

Any other suggestions?

Edit: I forgot to add that if I click on the CD Drive in my computer it tries to load for a second then says "(Not responding)"
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    "Old PC" is the keyword.. optical drives don't last to long even if they are used moderately... I have several very old CD drives that work but they were seldomly used. If you are handy with computer hardware you could try to revive it by opening the drive, cleaning the laser lens with a soft lintfree cloth and some alchohol, and slightly lubbing the laser carriage rails with a very light dab of vaseline or spray lubricant sprayed away from the drive so you can pick-up some of it with a cotton swab or similar object so you can wipe some on the rails. The original laser carriage rail lubbe can dry up and the carriage may not move freely therefore not be able to read the disk or write to it. This is what I have done several times on Optical drives but the chances of recovering normal functionallity are maybe half and half. But it may be worth trying if your CD drive is trying to load which is an indication that it may recover... In my experience when they fail for good, they don't respond at all... and your's seems to be responding even if for a second or two before it quits.
  2. It probably died. They're cheap (and cheaply made). You can buy a new one for $15 to $20.
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