£620 budget gaming pc- good prebuilt PC for 1080p

am planning on doing some 1080p (single monitor gaming). also I want a good pc for general use ( Office, some programming and web browsing- nothing too intensive). is it a good choice to last me a good few years. also is the CPU amd GPU good together or will I experience significant framedrops below 60FPS at 1080p. don't care about graphic settings, just want something that will last. is this a good choice- thanks
( or should I get a i5 4440 and GTX 770 with half the VRAM at same price- my goal is longevity)
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  1. if you can get an i5 and 770 at that price, bite their hand off.

    Oh, and you haven't given us any details at all.
  2. still haven't got a definite yes or no, please tell me, im confused
  3. well you haven't told us what you are getting for 650, but an i5 4440 and a 770 would cost about £375 retail, so in a £620 system that's really good value, assuming the PSU is good enough.
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    it's ok, I can't see how they can do it at that price. But if you trust the seller then it's good. The i5 is a better CPU whilst the GPU is weaker.
    BUT the gpu is easiest to replace in the future. So I'd go i5 and 770. The PSU is very acceptable but could be better.
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