My ssd is running on RAID in bios...not AHCI....reinstall windows?

I just checked my bios and my sata controller is set to RAID.. I just read that ssd's are meant for AHCI.... I tried changing to AHCI but it blue screens me and fails to load...

Should I do a clean install of Windows7 with my bios set to AHCI?? I can backup all my files to my old hd so I dont mind...

I have a 120gb Samsung 840 EVO
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  1. There is Microsoft Fix for that where you can switch from IDE mode to AHCI without reinstalling your Windows OS. Please refer here :
  2. its not on IDE..its on RAID (same? I dunno)...will that fix still work?

    I dont mind reinstalling if its "cleaner"
  3. AHCI is a subset of RAID.
    Any drive (SSD or HDD) that is connected to a SATA port in RAID mode will automatically default to AHCI mode if it is not part of an actual RAID array.

    So your SSD is in AHCI mode and there's no need for you to re-install Windows.
  4. I have three options for Sata controller mode: IDE, RAID, or AHCI... so I should leave it on RAID and dont change to AHCI?
  5. You should be good leaving it in RAID mode unless if you are having some issues using your computer in that settings then set it to AHCI and do a fresh clean install of Windows.
  6. hmmm I think lll just reinstall if it might cause problems later after I have filled up my drive..
  7. anyone else have an opinion on this?
  8. There are many solutions to change RAID to AHCI already posted in here... I saw couples of them, just don't remember for now
    Search the forum
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    As stated above, RAID mode will work but I'm not sure if the TRIM function works on all SSDs when RAID is used.

    If you are OCD, like me, and just have to have AHCI, here is how to do it:

    At least it worked for me.

  10. when I was on Raid, trim was on by default for me.. Im on Windows 7
  11. Openupitsdave said:
    when I was on Raid, trim was on by default for me.. Im on Windows 7

    If you are SURE that you have TRIM working, then there is really not much justification to switch.

    The only other reason that I can think of is to be able to use Samsung's Magician SW and enable Rapid Mode. I don't think that either is possible in RAID.

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