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Right now, I have the stock amd fan cooling my cpu, and the thing is insanely loud. When I'm dong something intensive, even with headphones cranked up i can hear it. So, I've been looking into getting an aftermarket cooler. I know that tha noctua nh-d14 is really good, but the nh d-15 just came out. How much of an improvement is the d-15 over the 14? and how loud are they.

Another cooler I looked at was the cooler master hyper 212 evo. Everyone says its the best for the price. How much louder would it be compared to the noctua? How much quieter that the stock amd fan? If you take time to read and answer this I love you <3
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    There really wouldnt be a reason to get the 15, just go for the 14 if you do.
    The 212 EVO is a great entry level cooler, you wont be able to hear it when its running, same for the NH-d14.
    The noctua heatsink is meant for extreme OCs, more so than the EVO. If you just want quiet and the ability to OC, go EVO. If you want to squeeze the most you can out of the 8350, and have the money, get NH-d14.
  2. ok since i wont be doing overclocking ill get the 212, and save a lot of money.
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