Installed OCCT, Now PC is really slow (Seriously need help)

I just built a $1600 gaming PC. It is running WAYY too slow.

I downloaded OCCT I think it's called to test my PSU since the fan didnt turn on. Then it slowed down.

I don't think it's a virus. It was from their website and I have seen other people use it before. Plus it did what it was supposed to.

I reformatted all of my hard drives and reinstalled absolutely everything. Idk what the problem is.

Here is a screenshot of my task manager.

Another note: my PC is running MUCH louder than it was, even than when it was outside the case.

Can someone please help? I am getting no help in the support forum and this section seems to fit my issue just as well.

Edit: Here is a list of my parts and the link I downloaded from.
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  1. We can try to help but it would help to have more of a step by step careful description of the problem.
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    I am going to run a few benchmarks and then post back. I might have just fixed it in the BOIS. If I don't repost it's safe to assume I fixed the problem:P
  3. Of course as soon as I fix one problem, another pops up. Now my PC is constantly running loudly. Everything else is working now but even when idle my PC is quite loud.
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