GPU Usage in Fallout New Vegas?

Hi guys. I'm having a bit of an issue with F:NV at the moment. I have a GTX 780 ti and a 4770k, both overclocked, and I'm definitely not getting the performance I should. I know this is a problem with older games, but I'm running at around 100 fps indoors and 80 fps outside. There are no benchmark videos on youtube with my setup playing that game that also shows fps, so I can't know if this is what is happening to most people with my setup. I have no mods, i just started playing the game, and everything's at max settings. I have only like 30%-40% GPU usage as well, and my GPU core clock is running 220 mhz lower than its max because it must not think it has to work hard to play this game (Which is doesn't, it just seems like it can perform better). The annoying thing is, that in the NVIDIA control panel, the game doesn't show up in the list of .exe's, so i can't change the power manage mode to prefer max performance to get my core clock speeds back up. Any advice?

Also I know that this game has awful optimization, so I know the chance for a fix for this issue is slim.
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  1. says you should be doing it easy.

    What's wrong with 80fps? Maybe a 144Hz monitor will help and use Vsync

    Just add the game to the nVidia list.

    You should check the game forums to see if anyone else has had similar problems and game setting fixes. Maybe a 4 year old game uses old directx etc
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    Your setup is running exactly as expected. I just finished about a year's worth of playing Fallout: New Vegas, which included an upgrade to the GTX 780 Ti. The card is just too powerful for that game. No matter what you do, enable every type of crazy AA, you will run in the 100-120+ FPS range. BUT the card will only show ~40% GPU usage, and doesn't even need to run at full 3D clocks! So, like you, my card would run well below the full 876 MHz 3D clock speed, sitting more in that middle range usually reserved for watching videos. I have "Enhance the Application" Antialiasing Mode with 8x MSAA and 4X Supersample enabled.

    Now if you want to add Fallout: NV to your Program/Game settings, you can click that little "Add" button on the Program Settings tab in the Nvidia Control Panel. Then navigate to where your "falloutnv.exe" executable is located. If you are playing from Steam, you need to go to the Steam folder under Steamapps/Common.
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