Will using a video game capture card make it less lag? more faster record?

Like the Elgato Game Capture or the Hauppauge HD PVR High Definition Video Recorder.
If I buy one of those will It record clearly and won't lag?
Cause I have been using and testing all the software so far like HyperCam, CamStudio, FastStone Capture. Fraps.

When I record using those software all my videos lag and slow game play.
The user using game play and recording at the same time is causing to much pressure to happen, that's how I can picture it in my head, from my thought I hope it's not wrong correct me if I am mistaken. will using a game capture card move the pressure to the hard separately and record more easily?

Thus having the pressure moved to the game card, while the user separately plays the game at ease and records crystal clear with out any lags.

I remember playing a Age Of Empires on a Windows XP, Processor Intel Pentium 4, 80 GB HD, Memory 2 GB, the game lagged so much. Now on a 1 TB PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen Processor runs more faster then ever plus 8 GB memory :D.
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    Tried nVidia Shadowplay?
  2. i7Baby said:
    Tried nVidia Shadowplay?

    No I have not.
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