EVGA GTX 750 Ti support audio/video through DVI cable?

Hello community.
I recently purchased the EVGA GTX 750 Ti ( and it does not come with an HDMI option. I am planning to get a HDMI to DVI adapter and I was wondering if it will support audio as well as video using just 1 cable.
If it does not support both... What would be the best option to hook up audio to my TV?
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  1. According to that link you posted, that card does indeed have an HDMI port. You can see it in the picture as well (the middle port).
  2. Interesting... I have tried to connect the HDMI using it and it didn't work... But I will try again! I hope you are right!
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    Well, if the card you linked to is definitely the one you have, you most certainly have an HDMI port. Whether or not it works is another question entirely of course, but I'd be more than a bit surprised if it didn't. Regardless, let us know how you get on; if it still doesn't work, there's probably something I or someone else can suggest to rectify the issue.
  4. The middle port is the HDMI port.

    DVI doesn't support audio at all.

    You have to use an HDMI to HDMI cable to get audio. (or HDMI to Displayport, which is that top port)
  5. Okay.. i'm an idiot. So what had happened was.. the HDMI on the PC was RIGHT next to a ledge and it did not allow the HDMI wire to be fully connected. I had to shave it off a little.. Works great now. Thank you Damn_Rookie!
  6. No worries, glad you got things working! :)
  7. My gtx 770 supports sound through the dvi with a dvi to hdmi Adapter
  8. My gtx 770 supports sound through the dvi with a dvi to hdmi Adapter
  9. hmm, guess he's right:
  10. James Mason said:
    hmm, guess he's right:

    I must admit, I didn't know it could transmit sound either. Good to know.
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