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I'm running Intel Matrix Storage Console 8.9 on Win7 x64. I have my OS and apps on an SSD (drive C) and my data on 2 HDDs configured as a RAID1 (mirror; drive E). Earlier today I accidentally split the RAID. I only noticed when I booted my system and realized everything was suddenly about 6 months old (calendar entries in Outlook, files, folders, etc.); nothing newer than 6 months ago was anywhere to be found on my E drive (the RAID). That's when I noticed the drive was now two drives, D & E. The data on the D drive was current. As I write this, I'm rebuilding the RAID (I was careful to boot with the out-of-date drive unplugged, then rebooted with it plugged in), but I was surprised to discover this discrepancy between the two drives. It's as if one of the drives hasn't been updated in 6 months. Shouldn't they be identical? Shouldn't the Matrix Storage Manager throw an error if they're not when Windows loads? Thanks for comments.
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    yea if you have the Matrix Storage manager starting up and having it tell you about these things it should. and not only that when you boot up it should show the current RAID and tell you if its Good, Degraded, or Broken. It is kinda odd how one is 6 months older than the other. I'm thinking it got degradded somehow or maybe the other drive somehow hasn't even started up in 6 months? Just keep and eye on it.

    Also download the Crystal Disk Info in my signature. It should be able to tell you the the Drive health or SMART Status of the drives. This way you can see if maybe a drive is going bad? If it say anything but good let me know what is showing as yellow or red.
  2. It turns out I don't think Matrix Storage Manager has been running all that time and I only just noticed I wasn't receiving it's notification on bootup. I don't know what stopped it running 6 months ago, or if that's the reason one drive was 6 months older than the other, but it's running again since I rebuilt the RAID, and I'm getting the "all's well" notification on boot, so I "assume" everything's back to normal. I'll just have to make sure I keep getting that notification, and pay closer attention to the BIOS screens on bootup.

    > Also download the Crystal Disk Info in my signature.

    It says all drives are good. Thanks for the pointer.
  3. Welcome! Maybe somehow the Matrix got turned off on startup as well. Maybe in MSCONFIG somehow
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