ati firepro 3900 graphic card for amd fx 8150

i have amd fx 8150 processor and asus m5a88m motherboard so i want graphic card for 3d max, maya software supported. like work station. and i see ati firepro 3900 graphic card .i like it but i confuse because is it support my above configuration pc? plz help me friends reply argent .......
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    First the motherboard can't handle the fx8150, you need the ASUS M5A97 (R2.0) or GA-970A-UD3P, because the m5a88m only has the 4+1 power phase.

    And you can use the v3900 as long as the MB has the pcie2.0X16 slot, you may think get the v4900, they should have similar price.
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