Screen lag or slow frame rate when playing games

Hi all, like said in the title this started a few months ago when my frame ratio dropped like hell, i used to play games like bf3 or bf4 and cod bo2 at 60 fps or above but now i just cant play once i get 12 or 13 fps :( everything was aiming to the graphic card till i changed the vga and the problem remains, cant understand why it looks like it as nothing to do with vga.. maybe the mobo?

My specs are:
Main Board: Asus P5W-DH Deluxe
Bios Version: 3002
Video Card: MSI N570 GTX TF III OCPE 1280Mb (changed to ati and still the same)
PSU: Seasonic M12 700W 12CM Modular (56a 12v. 18A)
CPU: Intel E6600 c2d 4MB 2.400mhz
Memory: 4GB Gskill PC 8500(5-5-5-15)
SSD/ HDD:WD 1500GB raid0
CPU COOLER: Schyte Infinity SCINF-1000
Sound Card: Onboard HD Audio device
Case: Thermaltake Kandalf 9000 fulltower case
OC CPU: (390x9 @ 3510Mhz)
Operating System:Windows7 Ultimate SP1 64bit

This started in win8.1 then i changed to win7 and is the same, unplugged dvd roms, hdd, card readers etc and still the same, one thing i noticed is if i run any game in window mode i can have a smal improvement on frame rate.

Any help would be much appreciate

Thanks in advance
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  1. If your pc is running OK, then its just game settings that are making the difference.

    It's well known that bf4 especially gets really variable fps rates. A GTX570 now is behind the game.

    Check temps, voltages etc using HWInfo - Sensors. If anything is too hot, too slow, wrong volts, etc - then fix it. If not, pay a visit to the game forums and see if you can adjust your game settings. GeForce Experience should help if you feel lost.
  2. Did that already even changed the vga clocks to reference clock speeds and no success :( is not only bf4, for example in black ops2 i used to have around 100 fps at max settings and now i have 20 fps in low and its like that in every game :(
  3. You could replace your GPU if you think it's faulty.
  4. As mentioned above did that to and no success, thx.
  5. with what ATI card did you change your GTX 570? What resolution do you play at? Are you certain that the processor doesn't down clock during play or the video card for that matter. If a card feels too hot it will automatically decrees it's speed. Reset your motherboard to factory settings and then re-clock everything. If it's happening in all games it means it's either driver or hardware.
  6. Changed to 2x ati hd 4770 in xfire (my old vga setup) and it happens in any game resolution, system temps are ok nothing above 60ºC atter 4 or 5 hours playing in summer temps, tried re-clocked everything from factory settings but still the same, run 3hours of memtest and passed ok and all intel processor diagnostic tool 64bit, hot cpu tester pro testing went ok.
    I know its hardware but what hardware is what id like to understand:\
  7. Again you haven't told us what resolution you're playing at. If you are playing at 1080p then those 2 4770 can't get many fps as they only have 512 vram and it doesn't add up if you have 2. Even at 720p i think it's a struggle. Plus the 570 outperformes 2 4770 in speed. I'm kind of amazed that your processor hold up to bf4 that well.
  8. It happens in any game resolution from 1024x768 to 1920x1080 the frame rate is similar on both the only problem i did get with this cpu in bf3 and 4 is the loading time and off course playing online in 64 players servers but in 32 players servers or less i have no problems playing in high settings and max resolution 1920x1080 on bf4 and running ultra in bf3 at 60 fps.

    Last year with ati i used to have around 50 fps at 1680x1050 in med settings in bf3 at the moment i cant even play, did not tested in bf4 i supposed i cant play either , but i used to run bo2 at 70 fps in med settings max resolution (1920x1080) with ati and now i cant :s, thx.
  9. Get more ram

    Lower your graphics settings

    clean install latest gtx570 drivers

    Then go to:

    \\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\__Installer\directx\redist

    find DXSETUP

    update it.

    Now go to []

    Manually update for BF4
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    Ty i7baby but this is not a game issue and is not a driver or software issue.
  11. Take a standardized test like 3d mark and see how close or far you are from where your card should be on benchmarks. If it doesn't hold up do you still have warranty for your card? Usually when hardware fails it fails completely, it's very rare to half-fail. My old computer had an issue with a dying PSU and the symptom was that the videocard would produce artifacts after a little while. Change the PSU with another and see if it helps. Awaiting feedback.
  12. Initially i was aiming the PSU as probably cause but unfortunately i dont have another PSU to test, as for the card once this happens with another card from different brand ive discarded the graphic card issue, and most likely is a PSU issue :(

    I wont spend any money with it ive pushed him to far for almost a decade and he did great but now is time for a new build.

    Ill let this "old tank" rest in peace the rest of his days in my living room as media center or media station ;)

    Ive looked up a few reviews and benchs and i come up with this:

    CPU: i7 4770k
    Motherboard: MSI Z97 G7
    Memory: 2x4Gb GSKIL Trident X Series DDR3 2666 Mhz
    HDD/SDD: Samsung evo 250 Gb SSD + WD 1tb sata 3 HDD
    VIDEO CARD: MSI N570 GTX TFIII OCPE keep my old one for now it as a few more benchs left :)
    CASE: NZXT phantom 410

    Searching for a good cooler for the cpu because ill overclock it a lil bit and i guess its all any suggestions? thx.
  13. If that PSU is faulty then it will die soon.

    As for the cooler Hyper 212 Evo, True Spirit search for anything with a smooth base.,9.html
    Here is a review of the case to see if everything fits.
  14. IJRI said:
    Ty i7baby but this is not a game issue and is not a driver or software issue.

    You said you checked temps, volts etc. So it's not hardware.
  15. If you're now not sure, then download and run HWInfo - Sensors and post the results - 3 screen shots in TinyPic or similar.

    That'll tell us if your psu or other is faulty.
  16. Yup that hyper 212 evo is the best choice for the money.. Ty you all ill post some results after, thx again.

    Best Regards.
  17. Finally i found out what was causing the low frame rate, dont know how or why but i did get the issue solved by changing the hdd... Like said before all hdd tests passed ok but still i decided to change the hdd and thats it problem solved.

    I will build the new rig, just waiting some parts to arrive and ill keep u guys updated.
    Thx for your kind and support keep it up..

    Best regards
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