Is this psu compatible (enough) with all of this?

Hi guys, i want to make some improvements and i don't know if my RAIDmax rx-500 500w psu will be compatible with the ASUS M5A97 r2.0.

Other components:
amd fx-8350
8gb ddr3 Kingston HiperX
1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
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  1. yes, everything is compatible. Though that PSU is cheap, though it is fine for your system, as it draws under 300W easily under load.

    Everything works together and should be fine, though in the long run, suggest buying a better quality PSU. (fine for now and a few months, though if it blows, they can take out many components)
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    This is a low end PSU though it is 500W but has only 22A @+12V rail.
    Not at all recommended

    It will be compatible with your build for sure but if you already own it I would recommend you not to Overclock anything and upgrade(sooner the better) to better PSU like this :
  3. still can be used for the meantime, as said before suggested upgrade later on.
  4. Thanks for the answers. Yeah i know its quite a low end psu but i don't have enough money to afford a better now, but i want to upgrade that too probably in a month. Could you suggest some good psu with a price max 100-120$?
  5. For your build this 550W PSU will be fine

    If you want to be futureproof you can get this 650W PSU
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