Can I use a dead laptop's HDD as my primary boot drive?

Considering that it has been formatted out of the laptop, can i use it as my main drive until i get a new drive? If I can use it as a primary, how do i install it and what things do I need to mount it?

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  1. Nothing out of the usual..... You can just use that drive as the primary boot drive by plugging it into your rig and installing the OS on it....
    You will not need anything else other than the normal stuff you need when install an OS on a new hdd....
  2. What do the connectors look like on the HDD - you may need some cabling from the laptop.
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    Hi agentPPPP
    I am assuming you are using the dead laptops 2.5" drive and wish to hook it up in a desktop as a primary drive ?
    if this is the case you will need a sata data cable plugged into your motherboard and into the drive and a sata power connector from your psu plugged into the drive.
    you can get a 3.5 to 2.5 drive bay adapter to put the drive in to hold it in your 3.5 bay. then once all hooked up , install your operating system
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