MSI B85-G43 "Gaming" Motherboard: No USB functionality in BIOS or after boot.

Just for "fun", a stupid friend of mine decided to mess around in my BIOS, and disabled the USB hub connectivity or something. I.e, USB ports do nothing no matter where you are in the PC. Can I fix this without wiping everything? and if so, How would I go about that? (Yes, I know I need new friends.)

Thanks for the help.
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    Use the Clear CMOS button that is on the motherboard towards the bottom or on the rear IO, should reset anything he messed up.
  2. ^^ +1 or go into BIOS and press F6 and restore to defaults. I would recommend that you also save your settings in a profile in case you want to tweak a bit, then you will always have your saved safe custom default to fall back on.
  3. Thanks, working great now.
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