phenom II x4 940 bottlenecking 7970?

Hi guys/gals.

I've got a ridiculously budget old rig at the moment, 8800GTX, phenom ii x4 p940 (quad core) @3.3ghz, 4gb DDR2 ram, 256gb SSD and a 500GB HD.

I'm looking at slowly upgrading starting with getting a new graphics card. If I were to get a 280X or 7970 or something around that performance level could anyone tell me how much the rest of my system (mainly CPU) would bottleneck the new card? I appreciate it's definitely going to bottleneck it somewhat, but I'd like to get a gauge on whether it'd even be worth upgrading, and if anyone knew what kind of %s of performance I'd be missing out on.

Any advice appreciated.
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    Yes it would bottleneck it pretty badly, you need to upgrade to an FX 8XXX/i5 3XXX to not see a bottleneck, with 8GB DDR3 RAM.
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