Hey everyone! I have a quick question of opinion.

Last time I got a combo of this price ... and it was from Newegg, but it was a Cybertron PC... which treated me well... but it had major major shortcomings. One being the extremely weak Geforce 520 GFX Card, and number two being that the processor is (as I have been told) OEM .. which I guess means the CPU and motherboard are one making it necessary to buy even more parts for an upgrade.. so I was just wondering if there were any major shortcomings to look for .. or if the motherboard is in the same boat as the last one. I prefer for it not to be.. but by the looks of the graphics and ram it seems very capable of handling the newest games on max. Anywho, thanks in advance and have a good day everyone!
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    nothing soldered down or proprietary. easily upgradeable if that's what you were wondering?
  2. swifty_morgan said:
    nothing soldered down or proprietary. easily upgradeable if that's what you were wondering?


    Everything is upgradeable so you can chop n' change as you wish.
  3. Sorry guys I'm a 3rd shifter and I kind of went off on an exhausted tangent and forgot to ask my second question... haha. Would you imagine this rig could handle games to come on max settings for a bit? I want something that can play things like GTA5 COD Ghosts Titanfall Farcry 3 etc. on Max settings or at least on very high settings and have no issues. Last one I got very ripped off on the graphics card and such :/
  4. FraCry3 I had some troubles with.......... but was early on ( when first released )............ maybe patch fixed it or it was an internet thing????....... or it was Uplay............. but never ran the game because you couldn't set keyboard and mouse up the way you wanted......... was a PC game made by console gamers/players and you really need a game pad to play right. ........... last game I will ever buy.
  5. I already beat it on the ps3 so I wouldn't buy it .. I was just thinking more graphically demanding games to prove the point that I want some serious graphical capability
  6. That does suck though... nothing worse than not being able to customize controls. F that
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