So now I am choosing my graphics card now with an intel 4670k haswell. I was wondering what your opinions are with the AMD vs NVIDIA graphics card, I was thinking about getting the geforce gtx 780. Thank you for your thoughts!
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  1. For $500, you can get the 290x from AMD and get 780 Ti level of performance. I would go with that route if you get the power supply to handle it. And be sure to get a custom cooled card, as the stock cooler is essentially a jet engine lol
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    An r9 290x can't be compared to a 780ti. Even though it used to cost the same.

    Prices depends on where you live. But an R9 290 should be cheaper than a gtx 780, with better performance.

    This is the best deal you can get on a high-end gpu right now. Just don't buy it from Gigabyte as their coolers are worse. I'd recommend Sapphire, msi or powercolor.
  3. Calling it the same as the 780 Ti was a small stretch, but it's really not too far behind. For the same price as the 780 it is certainly better though.

    Gigabyte's Windforce is great. Though compared to Sapphire and MSI there really isn't a difference, but I wouldn't go with a Powercolor card.
  4. Better question might be what do you plan to do with your system?
  5. Airm3n said:
    Better question might be what do you plan to do with your system?

    A lot of gaming and school work
  6. i vote for the 780, it is a faster cooler card, that uses less power. nvidia experience is great and you get all the extras with nvidia. the 290 isn't a bad card by any means i am just saying +1 nvidia
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