Need help with my case fans!!!

So, i have a fractal design define r4 windowed case. You get 2 fans with it. I want to put them in the front and put two 140mm spectre pro led fans up top, also maybe one at the rear. My motherbooard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H. I want all fans to be connected to the motherboard so that i can control their speed. How am i gonna do that, do need any splitters? if so than what kind of splitters? What about the fan controller, is it connected to the motherboard?
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  1. Taking a quick look on newegg image for the MB - it seems there are only two connections for fans - one is for the CPU. I would suggest getting a fan controler for one of your external drive bays and using it to control your case fans. I think some may be able to monitor temp and noise - as well as auto adjusting when needed.
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    That board has 2 CPU fan headers and 3 system fan headers. I would buy 2 splitters. Put the front 2 on a splitter and connecto to SYS_FAN1, the top 2 on a splitter and connect to SYS_FAN2, and the rear on the third system fan header. This will give you control over each section of fans, and allow 5 fans on the 3 headers.

    Or you can connect all the fans to the fan controller to control them manually. If you do it that way, the motherboard controls will do nothing. The fan controller is wired to a molex connector straight from the power supply.
  3. for front fans, i wonder those fans' cable are long enough to reach to sys_fan 3 and 4. and for top you will be able to connect to sys_fan 1 and rear fan will go to sys_fan 2 which is below the last pci x16 slot
  4. this is the layout of the fans connector on your mobo
    On board the GIGABYTE Z87X-UD3H is a grand total of six fan headers. One CPU fan header (4pin), Opt Fan (Optional CPU Fan header (4pin), and four system fan headers (three 4pin, one 3pin).
    you actually can control 5 of the 6 headers on the board through the BIOS, the CPU and CPU OPT are tied together(red in the picture below) and and system 3 and system 2 are also tied togther(yellow in the picture below), and the system1 is not tied but also controlled through the UEFI/software. All the headers that are controlled can control 3 pin or 4-pin fans, except the CPU fan header which seems to only control 4-pin PWm fans while the OPT which is tied to the same setting can control both
  5. I still dont get what splitters i should buy. If i have 4 pin connectors and a bitfenix 140mm fan which i think is 3 pin, should i then get a splitter that has a 4 pin connector at one end and two 3pins att the other?
  6. A 3 or 4 pin splitter will work. It controls the fan speed based on voltage output, not PWM.

    A couple of these will be perfect:
  7. ok, my problem is prety much solved then. thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it
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