A mobo for I7 4790 / i5 4590 semi-gaming, semi-pro audio video PC

I DONT need features as follows:
-more than 1 GPU lane
-more than 2 HDD'S
-onboard graphics
-built in audio(have a pro interface)
-more than 6 usb ports

Im looking for a simple yet reliable solid board that will last. I want to be able to run a 760 gtx.
And btw will my 7y.o Enermax 650W be enough for this setup? how can i check?

i am running Intel p35 and q6600 and its plenty but time to renew.

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    Has more USB 3.0 ports.

    Has more 2.0 ports.

    I would likely suggest that you get a XFX 550W PSU, though. 7 years a long time to be using a PSU.
  2. Is there any consequences of trying to juice the last drops of the PSU?
  3. Could damage one or more components. The PSU may seem unimportant, but it's actually the most important part in any PC. You run the risk if damaging components with inadequate and/or low quality PSUs.
  4. Well this one was pretty expensive, its a quality PSU. I guess there could be insufficient voltage?
  5. If you're currently using it with another CPU of decent specs, and it's working fine. I'd suggest you attempt to use the PSU with your new build.
  6. Its a Enermax Liberty ELT620AWT 620W - MTBF at 70% more than 100,000 hours, shud i trust it? I use it with Q6600 an 550ti.
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