Celeron G1820 2,7 GHz gaming PC, can i run R7 260x and play the latest games?

Hello hardware fanatics,
i ordered some parts for a gaming/ media computer,
i was wondering if they will all work together.
And what kind of performance do i get in the latest games.

Celeron G1820 2,7 GHz Haswell
GigaByte H81M mobo
2x4 Corsair Vengeance 1600 on 1333MHz
Corsair CX430M PSU
XFX Radeon R7 260X BOOST 1GB DDR5
Kingston SSD 120
Bitfenix case
Coolermaster cooler

will the Celeron be any kind of bottleneck for the videocard?

Thanks, Marc
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  1. Celeron might be a bit of a bottleneck. A pentium G 3220 is only like $9 more and would be a better chip, since it has more cache. I would not expect much in the latest games. In older titles, you should be ok though. Personally, I wouldn't want anything below an i3 4130 for gaming.
  2. I got the Celeron G1820 for 29,50 euro, and the G3220 would cost 54,-

    I can get a G3420 3,2 GHz for 55,- is that a worthy upgrade from the G1820? if so i can always return for a refund and get a Pentium.

  3. Best answer
    Yes, that would be a better chip and worthy upgrade if you can get the refund.
  4. Thanks for the answer. Im gonna keep thje Celeron just because its so cheap.
    If its not giving the performance i need , i can always switch to a Core i3 or a high-end Pentium.

  5. I would recommend at least i3.
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