Im tired of my useless pc!!!

Hello again!

Like i said im tired of my PC. Cant enjoy games like i should! Every new games gives me a fps drop when in open areas.

Ive bought watch dogs recently. But no , i cant enjoy as i should. I get massive fps drops from 70+ down to 35-40 when in open areas but very high fps when in small areas. And this happens to all new games like Assassins Creed , Thief , Wolfenstein , Skyrim , Crysis , Batman Arkham Origins , Battlefield 3 at all games ive tried. Battlefield 4 works a bit better i think but still get massive fps drops down to 49 when i turn around in open and big areas, but small mods with 24-32 players works fine , when not big things happens on screen i guess. I have good fps when not looking in heavy demanding areas but soon as i look in those i get spikes. Funny thing is not matter if i change graphic settings on low i still getting those drops. When i change graphics it seems like fps doesnt change att all.

Ive tried a lot of thing to improve this. I builded my pc before one month and since then i was fighting with huge fps drops , its not fair. Ive tried to overclock my cpu and gpu, unpark my cores , change from windows 7 to 8 and many many other known tips that should imporve fps. My temperatures are fine on everything.

I had some cheap motherboard when i bought pc but after ive upgraded to sabertooth fx990 by hoping i will get better fps , but sadly not, not even smallest change. My cpu is Fx6300 overclocked to 4.6 with master cooler hyper evo 212 and gpu r9 270x overclocked as well. Before some day i tried my friends powerful gtx 770 on my pc with fx 6300. I got better fps overall but spikes was there same as before , in open areas down to 35-40 fps. So i gues is not gpu i have problem with. So i guess maybe is cpu that somehow wont work verry well. So i bought fx 8350 which will arive soon, i just hope it will work , i just hope its my fx 6300 problem, cause i want to play those games so bad but sadly it doesnt go well.

So please good peoples do you have any advice that i didnt tried yet and which possibly can save my fx 6300 to now trow it away? Cause if i fix my problem i will stay away from opening fx 8350 and send it back to store.

And here is my rest of the components in my pc:

CASE - NZXT Source SE 210H Black
PSU - XFX 650W Core Edition
CPU FAN - Cooler Master: Hyper 212 EVO
RAM - Kingston HyperX Blu DDR3 8GB
SSD - Samsung EVO 120gb ( Windows 8.1 installed on it )
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  1. I don't think you realize how games work. You get less FPS in open, large areas, when there's a lot of action or things going on, and of course you'll get better FPS in small areas.

    That being said, assuming everything works out correctly, you should see a performance boost with your new 8350. Even though people will say that the 6300 is a good CPU, I however believe it is just sufficient for basic needs. Your CPU is definitely holding you back, but you also don't have the strongest GPU in the world, either.
  2. Like i said , ive tried a gtx 770 on my pc and still getting spikes. Also i do know that i cant play watch dogs on max without experiencing huge fps drops. But dude im lower the setting and even resolution to lowest possible and still getting those boring spikes. And then battlefield 3 , crazy drops in open area even at low. Correctly if im wrong but i think that my PC should be handle Battlefield 3 easy on high settings if not on ultra high. And watch dogs should be getting 60fps + on lowest.
  3. Have a look at numerous CPU/GPU reviews, alas regret to say you'll find the CPU will continue to hold back
    performance in various situations, though it'll vary greatly by game, etc.

    I have a wide range of AMD/Intel systems, still use my 6000+, built a Ph2 965 system for my gf, looking
    forward to benching an 1100T I obtained... but if I was recommending to a friend what to get for a gaming
    PC, it would be an Intel build, though IMO the best value is from used parts, not the latest 4770K. I keep
    sourcing used 2700Ks because every single one I've bought has run at 5GHz no problem. Put it on a good
    used P67/Z68 board (eg. ASUS M4E/Z or equivalent, quite cheap now) and it'll run games very nicely indeed.

    Hmm, the only game I have which matches your list is Crysis, but if I can help with any comparisons, do
    let me know.

    Btw, your quoted frame rate variance is fairly typical for most games I think. It's the subject of much
    debate on forums as to what is more important: average fps or minimums. Then there's frame time
    variance, where the latency can make a game feel choppy even if the reported average seems ok.
    It gets a bit complicated. Some types of CPU might make this worse, eg. those with no L3 cache.

    One can mitigate visual artefacts by turning off vsync, while others prefer to leave it on, though this
    risks nasty choppiness if the system can't sustain 60fps minimum.

  4. I'm running an fx8350, I still get frames drops. You're burning money on a pointless cause. Like enemy1g said. FPS will drop in more open and/or larger areas. And actions/motions will only make lower in some cases. There's little that can be done from the system if its a game sided thing. If you already overclocked the fx6300 to 4.6ghz getting the fx8350 and overclocking that to 5Ghz wouldn't change this too much i'd imagine. You'd still experience the same kind of frames drops most likely.
  5. No offence guys , but do you read what im writing? I get spikes even at lowest and even at battlefield 3 on lowest. I had once a pc with intel i5 2320 and was running battlefield 3 on high settings without drops with some shitty graphic card. No i dont say fx 6300 is better cpu but i know that i5 2320 is not better.
  6. framerates will vary unles you lock vsync at 60fps. this is normal and are always higher in tight areas than open areas (open areas have more to render).

    vsync will cap out at 60. if your card is capable of more than 60 this works out good so you dont see frame rate variation.

    in order to get above 60 you might need to turn settings down lower (lowering anti-aliasing helps the most). the gtx770 is capable of getting over 60 easy enough on bf4 at the "very high" preset but might struggle on "ultra" unless you knock a few settings down (A-A). you might have a cpu bottleneck as well. generally i dont recommend less than a fx8320 for gaming systems although you can make it by with that fx6300 just not on the highest of settings.
  7. Best answer
    What you're experiencing is a CPU bottleneck. Whatever settings you put it on, won't help. Putting beefier GPUs in your system will only help a little, but will NOT solve your problem.

    And if you're looking benchmarks to determine what FPS you -should- be getting, you need to be looking at the test setups as well. Most if not all of these benchmarks use an extremely powerful Intel CPU.

    If you don't like FPS drops (which is COMPLETELY normal), you should stick to less demanding games in which your system can keep a constant 60 FPS and leave VSync on.
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