FX8320 FSB overclocking. Gigabyte GA 970a-UD3P. Get 4 x 4 1600 MHz RAM to work.


I have a GigaByte 970a-UD3P mobo with a FX8320.
together with 4x4 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz, from another build.
As this mobo only allowes 1333 MHz (or a 6.67x multiplier) if you are using all 4 ram slots, and i want to get the sticks to run on 1600 MHz. and use all 4 RAM modules on their marked speed.

Now i got the FSB multiplier all the way up from 200 to 240 without changing the CPU multiplier.

FSB ratio: 240
NB clock: 2000
HT link: 2200
CPU multi: 17,5x
RAM: 6,67x
CPU voltage: 1,344 - 1,356


4,2 GHz
240 FSB
2640 HT link
2400 NB
1600 RAM

I ran Prime95 blend and played some games the last 12 hours and it seems to run fine. Any thought or suggestions on tweaking to optimal ?
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