Problem with new build and installing new mobo drivers

Just built my first PC and was installing all the mobo drivers from ASRock for my Z97 Extreme4. Problem is the following will not execute. They say my computer does not meet minimum specs or I do not see how to load:

- Floppy v3.0
- RapidStart
- Realtek LAN
- VGA (v.xxxx)

all those drivers are from the webpage as I did not use the installation CD. I downloaded to a drive and then accessed after install

what you all think?
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    According to the specs the motherboard has an Intel LAN network card

    The Floppy v13.0 contains the chipset drivers and is only needed during OS install when on drive is listed to install the OS on.

    What CPU do you use? if the CPU does not have the build in GPU, the driver will not install.

    Are you trying to install RapidStart or RapidStore? RapidStart usually requires a SSD and some partitioning if I am not mistaken.
  2. Good info above. Trying to respond from phone so bear with me.

    I installed windows 8.1 and set it up so I guess I don't have to worry about floppy drive drivers right?

    The CPU I have is an I5 4670k. I assume it has a gpu, but I suppose that will not matter will it since I have an nvidia 780i plugged in? So I suppose I don't need to worry about those?

    I have internet access. Almost looked like there were two LAN drivers on mobo site. I suppose I don't need those?

    It is rapid start. I do have a Samsung 840 EVO SSD BUT I did not set up a partition when installing windows. Is that why it won't install? I guess I do not need it neither?
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