Upgrading Dell Dimension E520 Machine?

Around 2007, I bought a Dell Dimension E520 PC with a Core 2 Duo E6400 CPU, and a proprietary Dell Motherboard (0WG864). I have a new GPU and Hard Drive, but I need a better CPU/MOBO combo.

Is it possible to replace the MOBO without changing the Dimension E520 case? I will attach relevant screenshots of CPU-Z for your convenience.

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  1. hard to say dell don't seem to offer anything on what kind of board is in it I would have bet on it being a m-atx then I came across this and that was all I found out on it

  2. you could try upgrading your ram and got to a quad core I but a intel xeon x3230 in my dell dimension 9200c works awsome and runs super fast with my ssd installed keps up pretty well with modern computers
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